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Curated by: Marcello Smarrelli

The show

The exhibition that starts from the recently completed restyling of the Palazzo del Comune , a rationalist building designed in the 40s by engineer Cesare Pascoletti. The intervention on the municipal office was carried out by the WAR studio, which together with Anton Giulio Onofri also signs the exhibition project curated by Marcello Smarrelli . The exhibition is promoted by the Municipality of Pesaro / Department of Beauty, Museum System, Pescheria Foundation, Liceo Artistico F. Mengaroni.

Starting from the headquarters of the Pesaro municipal administration, and expanding to other buildings in the province that belong to the same historical period, PU.Ra intends to generate around the buildings under investigation that subversion of meaning that radically changes their perception and allows art to re-emerge in all its beauty from the rubble of history.

Everything stems from the restoration of the Town Hall, a creative inspiration that generated the need to recognize the beauty and qualities of the territory's valuable civic architectures a posteriori, disconnecting them from the historical context that saw them born and in which they were also used as tools of consent and political propaganda. Characterized by valuable materials and refined compositional proportions and placed by right in the happy moment of art thanks to the attention to detail and constructive development, these examples of Rationalism in architecture have had to deal with history, as concrete testimonies of the regime fascist.

By circumscribing the field of investigation to the cities of Pesaro, Urbino and Fano, the aim of the research was to put a selected corpus of well-known and popular public buildings in a new light, triggering a dialogue between photographs and ceramic sculptures. .

photo credit Anton Giulio Onofri


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Piazza Mosca, 29
61121 Pesaro


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