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The new exhibition by Ferruccio Gard , organized by Cris Contini Contemporary , will be hosted at the Michelangelo Buonarroti's Birthplace Museum in Castello di Caprese, a place full of artistic references in which the artist presents himself with immense respect that already transpires from the title of the personal 'On your knees from you'.

The artist, one of the leading representatives of kinetic art, remembers that 'when, half a century ago, I visited the Sistine Chapel, I really knelt down, such was the admiration, to the point of emotion, for the marvelous masterpieces of a genius of the history of world art. The emotion of exhibiting my works, which are microbes in front of him, will make my heart jump to a thousand beats. I am about to enter a temple, the temple of Michelangelo's stupendous immensity. On the tables and walls there will be my sculptures and my paintings. But I, with tears in my eyes from emotion, will be on my knees. Kneeling by you'.

In the exhibition, open from June 17 to August 17 , it will be possible to admire more than twenty works, both pictorial and sculptural, ranging from kinetic art, through optical up to abstract-kinetic manifestations.

Color, geometry and light, absolute protagonists of the master's artistic alphabet - are celebrated by Gabriele Mazzi - Scientific Director of the Museum - 'color lives its joy through the composed lines of Ferruccio Gard. Geometry and light that have a certain charm that is not discreet, I would say blatant in Gard's work. Light, a concept which in the pictorial expression is at the basis of the composition of any time and place, is common to the perception of the sculptural solidity of the mountains and woods of Castello di Caprese '.

Ferruccio Gard's creations fit into this place of emotions by experimenting with the infinite possibilities of visual perception.


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Via Capoluogo, 1
52033 Caprese Michelangelo


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