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From 28 October to 12 December 2021 Palazzo Strozzi Foundation presents Alter Eva. Natura Potere Corpo, an exhibition that through the works of six Italian artists,

The project is part of Palazzo Strozzi Future Art, a program of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, inaugurated with the installation La Wound by JR for the façade of Palazzo Strozzi, born from the collaboration with Andy Bianchedi in memory of Hillary Merkus Recordati. The initiative aims to create a platform for the art of the present, placing the promotion of creativity, the involvement of the public and support for the new generations as reference values ​​for a relaunch of the cultural system through various initiatives that see the involvement of Italian and international contemporary artists at Palazzo Strozzi.

Protagonists of the Alter Eva exhibition. Nature Power Body are Camilla Alberti, Irene Coppola, Martina Melilli, Margherita Moscardini, Silvia Rosi, Marta Roberti, artists born between the Eighties and Nineties, whose works, including sculpture, painting, photography and installation, go to compose in the spaces of the It chokes a multifaceted narrative where deconstructed or imaginative nature is placed side by side with bodies exhibited or told, and strong political statements dialogue with the intimate and personal stories of cultural belonging. All six artists share a commitment to change for a transformation of the way we observe, speak and act in the world. By questioning patriarchy, gender roles, the antagonism between nature and human beings, restrictive roles and power relations, the exhibition constructs alternative futures by proposing new possible forms of relationship.

With a play on words that recalls the concept of Alter-Ego, the title of the exhibition refers to a new model of woman and connects, in a suggestive way, to the scientific theory of mitochondrial Eve, the theory according to which all living beings have a line of female descent as the mitochondrial DNA is handed down only in the matrilineal line. The exhibition therefore starts from a reflection on the bonds between every woman and her ancestors and extends to embrace the natural world, flora, fauna and inter-species connections, observing the lineage from an anthropological and biological perspective. The critical reflection of the exhibition is articulated in the conceptual triad, Nature, Power, Body which refers to three cardinal principles of mediation with the world. The Nature that surrounds us and with which we have an original bond and a balance to be restored; Power, i.e. the relationships that define the structure and organization of companies; the Body, as center and measure, as part of a complex system that continues beyond us.


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Piazza Strozzi
50123 Firenze


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