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The show

Appointment on Sunday 18 September 2022, at 5 pm for the inauguration of the original choral work composed of hundreds of sheep designed by illustrators and creatives, gathered in a single installation capable of enhancing the stylistic and conceptual uniqueness of each artist. In short, a single large flock of sheep in which each sheep is the black sheep! 

Eight hundred small original works, an incredible result of the social call opened in June by the communication studio Imperfect in Turin .

The call was as simple as it was captivating, to all participants only one request: please draw me a sheep? so as to gather a huge flock and create an exhibition aimed at a charity auction.

Enthusiastically, illustrators, painters, draftsmen, scribblers and dreamers with no limits of age, nation, technique or ideas responded.

The sheep were made with the most disparate techniques: by hand from pencil drawing to collage, embroidery, Japanese printing, woodcut, digital painting or photo retouching techniques: black sheep, tall sheep, soft sheep, very bad sheep and tender sheep, lonely sheep and sheep in groups ...

The works - count 801 sheep! - they came not only from Italy, but also from 17 other foreign countries : Argentina, Mexico, Egypt, Taiwan, Cuba, Chile, Iraq, Turkey, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, England, France .

An exhibition in progress, aimed at a charity auction that will take place on December 4, 2022. At the end of the exhibition, all the sheep of which the installation is composed will be auctioned and the proceeds donated to the Mosaico Refugees association, body that carries out projects aimed at supporting, orienting and integrating refugees, as well as raising awareness of the entire citizenry.

The installation, due to its nature as an open work and its vocation for inclusiveness, will be enriched and supported by constant laboratory activities and courses for children, teenagers, families and schools by the Education Department of the GAM.

The first thematic workshop will take place on Sunday 18 September, at 3 pm. The path will start from the GAM collection of the '900 where together with families we will explore different techniques and artistic movements, from figurative to abstract art, from informal to installations to find original ideas that guide us in the creation of a colorful, original and imaginative flock of sheep. Parents and children will have the opportunity to express their creativity without limits or rules, using different materials and tools, moving within the Educational Area of the GAM.


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Via Magenta, 31,
10100 Turin


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