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Curated by: Elsa Ravazzolo Botner

The show

The exhibition, whose title "Brasil!" is a reference to the 1985 film of the same name by Terry Gilliam , it is proposed as a focus on the latest generations of Brazilian artists who have marked a turning point and outlined, on the international scene, new paths and new paths, placing themselves as a real school and current.
Brazil, an immense, vast and varied land, has extremely different identities, as does its art. The territory, with its differences whether they are urban, peripheral or deriving from the lush rainforest, has given rise to reflections that, due to their complexity, affect the whole world. The peculiarity of the artists is to live in a territory rich in history and traditions, contradictions and poetry, where the influences of international art blend and transform into a poetic imbued with South American aesthetics.

The scents of the earth and flowers, the "saudade" of bossa nova and the exciting panache of samba, the improbable architecture of the favelas and the rationality of the capital Brasilia designed by Oscar Niemayer, mix and blend through the specificity of the materials used. by artists who are drawn directly from nature and industrial production: spices for Ernesto Neto, earth and wood for Matheus Rocha Pita, simple household and common objects (hammocks or dishes or pots) for Opavivarà !. The extreme critical fortune and the great interest in Brazilian art, which have exploded in recent years, are certainly attributable to a positive economic moment, which lasted twenty years, which resulted in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and which allowed the city and its economy to flourish thanks to the colossal economic investments for buildings linked to the Games and the proliferation of construction sites dedicated to residential urban planning. It is also true that the country's contradictions are enormous and the political class itself has been - and still is - accused of fraud and corruption. The Olympics also marked the end of a dream and now Brazil is suffering from a very severe economic crisis.


Works on display

Timetable and tickets


via Francesco Cigna 114
10155 Turin


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