ARTiglieria Contemporary Art Center

ART Iglieria Contemporary Art Center

Paratissima is a permanent incubator of events, exhibitions, courses and activities related to contemporary art.

Founded in 2005 as an annual fair for emerging artists, over the years Paratissima has created a network of events at national level (and beyond) whose mission has always been to give visibility and multiply the exhibition opportunities for artists and talents not yet fully recognized by the institutional dogs of contemporary art, also through the institution of prizes or projects that aim to promote emerging artists such as Art Production, where the selected artists are supported in the production of their works, created exclusively for Paratissima in limited editions, unpublished and valuable.

While retaining its original nature, Paratissima, now in the headquarters of the ARTiglieria Contemporary Center, broadens its horizons under the new Presidency of Laura Milani. In 2021 Paratissima inaugurates the cycle of major exhibitions, a gallery dedicated to portraits of famous contemporary artists. In the new setting, large exhibitions will dialogue with projects that see emerging art as protagonists, artists beyond their age and artistic paths. No longer just a fair of emerging and independent artists, but a real cultural and exhibition format sui generis. More and more open, dynamic, sustainable, flexible and increasingly multidisciplinary and international. A vision of contemporary art that emphasizes and strengthens the concept of "contemporaneity" in its most fertile aspects: innovation, change, requalification through culture, accessibility, enhancement of emerging talent, creativity.


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Via Verdi, 5
10123 Torino


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