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Curated by: Annamaria Bava, Riccardo Passoni, Rischa Paterlini

The show

The GAM of Turin inaugurates an exhibition dedicated to a very intense historical period for Italian art, between the end of the Great War and the end of the Second World War: 25 years of history told with about 130 works drawn from the museum's heritage and from some works chosen by the Galleria Sabauda, ​​rotating the two public collections around a significant selection of 73 masterpieces from the rich private collection of the lawyer Giuseppe Iannaccone of Milan.

The exhibition, curated by Annamaria Bava, head of the Heritage Area of ​​the Royal Museums, by the director of the GAM Riccardo Passoni and by the curator of the Iannaccone Rischa Paterlini collection, was desired and designed to highlight the healing role of art, as a healing vehicle that through beauty solicits the health of the body as well as of the soul. The event supports a fundraiser for the Piedmontese Foundation for Cancer Research Onlus on the occasion of its 35 years of activity. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the CRT Foundation and Intesa Sanpaolo.

From the dialogue between the three collections, two public and one private, this exhibition was born where we wanted to investigate, through works of great artistic quality, the history, ideas, projects and clashes that characterized the years between the two wars. These twenty-five years of our history saw the birth, after the turbulent years of the Avant-garde, the principles of "Plastic Values" which, taking inspiration from the solemnity of the great Italian past, certainly influenced the rhetoric of a fascist art, which later developed in the reference to classicism: an art that preferred clear and sober settings, with reference to the purity of forms and harmony in the composition.

Giuseppe Iannaccone's collection of Italian art between the two wars today represents a unicum in the Italian and international panorama, and was born in the early nineties with the manifest desire to reconstruct an alternative to this rhetorical and official dimension, managing to trace the works of a significant group of artists who believed in an art with many expressive possibilities, in a time span that goes from 1920 to 1945.

Works on display

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Via Magenta, 31,
10100 Torino


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