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Curated by: Elfisio Carbone

The show

In Sulcis Iglesiente, in the south-western part of Sardinia, in Villamassargia, there is a centuries-old vegetable garden of olive trees grafted by the inhabitants between 1300 and 1600 called "S'Ortu Mannu", the large garden. Inside the park of over thirteen hectares, there are more than seven hundred centuries-old olive trees entrusted to the care of the country's families; among them stands one of the oldest olive trees in Europe called "Sa Reina": The Queen. With over 16 meters in circumference of the trunk, its green foliage, gnarled branches, "Sa Reina" challenges time, seasons and history. Mother, courageous guardian, defends the territory and what little remains of the boundless ancient dominion.

Sardinia is often a female story, which has its roots in prehistory to reach the threshold of our time with an invaluable wealth of ancient knowledge. First goddesses, then queens, then artists the journey continues, weapons change but the principle of resilience remains unchanged, as if it were genetically transmitted, even when, the attentive eye, focuses on the world with its contemporaneity beyond the sea.

The Reinas exhibition collects and presents the works of four of the most important artists of Sardinia, three generations in comparison and a focus on production from the 70s to the present day. We are talking about four small anthologies dedicated to Maria Lai, Zaza Calzia, Rosanna Rossi and Lalla Lussu interconnected to underline points of contact and diversity of research. The path is traced by as many keywords that want to suggest the characterizing theme of the nuclei selected along a narrative that is also discovery, surprise, reflection, in a time that flows in different rhythms to create personal and shared experiences.

So here is the needle of Maria Lai pulled from a wall sewn to "tie to connect" together the four themes of the Word, Rhythm, Color and Sign as chapters selected from a single book. Immersing ourselves in the spirituality of Lai, in the playful irony of Calzia, in the sunny colors of Lussu, in the aesthetic rigor of Rossi we will discover unusual research experiences that return an updated territory, far from the most common stereotypes, where island is not isolation but space of coexistence in which subtle references between past and present are clearer, less disturbed by white noises. On the island the silences smell of eternity, that's why it's easier to listen.

Through four of the most famous artists of the Sardinian panorama we intend to identify a common path that restores the ability to treat peculiar elements of the Sardinian history, culture and nature to return them to the community elaborated in contemporary languages ​​having the extraordinary ability to cross geographically the "regional" borders to become an international collective heritage.

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via Francesco Cigna 114
10155 Torino


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