closed Nicola Toffolini - Between a picnic and chaos

Curated by: Federico Piccari

The show

Maniacs in analytical precision, NicolaToffolini's drawings (Udine, 1975) are the result of a surprising use of physical and mental energies: extreme precision, calligraphic minutiae, obsessive attention to detail testify to a voluntary "waste" of Strength. An aptitude for drawing that requires time and concentration, fundamental elements of manual production, and a dedication to seriality that borders on alienation. Toffolini carries out an internal reflection on the representation, graphically adopting compositional modalities that take up installation projects, authentic architectural structures that accumulate narratives and surreal elements capable of making the viewer share in their practicability and their depicted elements.

In the universe described by the artist the images alternate like layers of the earth's crust, they are the magma of an unknown world in which nature remains as a pure fetish: gradually, the drawing reveals its independence from natural laws and the order is transformed in magmatic movement. The presumed mimesis of representation appears for an instant, but the space of indifference of such objects is of such intensity, of this alienating power to cancel and deprive of any possible search for verisimilitude. The representative datum is lost almost to pure objectivity, it opens a pure space in which the orthogonal flatness of the representations becomes a retained power that disperses the concept of right and left.

The unmistakable, “performative” approach that the artist addresses to drawing is an event capable of redefining the experience of the viewer: observed at close range, almost experienced from the inside, the works make the encounter with the work a dance physiological and drive, literally allow to travel through the ages. Visions of a near and coveted future, echoes of Renaissance engravings, references to the practice of scientific illustration: in Toffolini the historical-artistic references are innumerable, and they demand only that they be unveiled.

And the artist's works are precisely this, at Fondazione 107: the invitation to a convivial meeting, a déjeneur sur l'herbe that surprises the role of man in front of nature. On the tablecloth of this singular picnic we are ants, tiny but curious guests, who penetrate into the hollows of the earth wishing to understand their most intimate secrets.

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Via Andrea Sansovino, 234
10151 Torino


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