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Curated by: Walter Guadagnini

The show

In the Project Room of CAMERA - Italian Center for Photography, the personal exhibition by Irene Kung (Berna, 1958) entitled Monumenti, curated by the director of the Turin institute, Walter Guadagnini, will be inaugurated on Thursday, May 30th at 6:00 pm.
Starting from the juxtaposition of images belonging to two previous photographic series, Le città invisibili (2012) and Trees (2014), Kung makes a visual selection that recomposes a survey that is both introspective and social about the landscape, be it urban, archaeological or natural. For the Swiss author, these elements are pure bases of vision which, stripped of the visual disturbance generated by forms of progress and human neglect, present themselves to the viewer as courtly portraits emerging from the darkness.
In the eighteen large-format works exhibited on this occasion, trees, ancient ruins and contemporary architecture take on a salvific character, become contemporary monuments that - thanks to the power of aesthetics and the strength of the image - cancel time and order chaos with the their constructive harmony. Formed in the pictorial field, Kung has adopted photography as a privileged medium of his own artistic production for about a decade, exploiting his education not only to embellish the lyrical and emotional component of his artistic research, but also the gestural and instinctive one. The essentiality of the shots and the ability to bring out his subjects from the darkness, in fact, express a stylistic and conceptual closeness to the Italian pictorial Renaissance: his works highlight the rational desire to identify new avenues for a sustainable and renewed future attention to the balance between human and natural. At the same time, Kung's compositions highlight, by contrast, the ambiguity of urbanization and human negligence, bringing out a subtle disquiet from beauty. Describing suffering through a refined and dreamlike representation is - declares Kung - an attempt to generate a new meaning starting from the perceptions of an emotional experience, it is an abstraction that leads me from the most shady areas to the meditative dimension, up to the unconscious spaces of the soul.

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Via delle Rosine, 18
10123 Torino


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