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Curated by: Giangavino Pazzola

The show

The exhibition path curated by Giangavino Pazzola develops chronologically and, with a selection of over 150 works of various formats, takes into consideration the main creative periods of Horst, retracing its history in the fundamental junctions of its evolution, from the beginnings to the latest creations. .

The different sections are organized in such a way as to underline some salient points of Horst's entire artistic production: the link with classical art which, however, does not exclude the influences of the avant-gardes; the visual investigation of the harmony and elegance of the human figure embellished by the perfect mastery of the lighting of the scene; the fruitful and lasting collaboration with “Vogue”, a magazine for which the photographer has signed dozens of covers; the portraits of characters from the world of fashion and art, often set in their own homes, images through which the author once again reveals his indisputable compositional skills.

The first section serves as an introduction to the author and his research interests: the nature-culture relationship, the set portrait and the great attention to detail, elements that can be found both in the photographs in which he immortalizes the intellectual milieu of Paris in the thirties and in the self-portraits and still lifes. In the second section, there are the works created during the Parisian and New York phase, very prolific periods, influenced by romanticism and surrealism, during which he creates iconic images such as Mainbocher Corset, Paris, 1939, and Hand, Hands, New York, 1941. The use of color in fashion photography is the subject that opens the section in which the most famous covers of “Vogue” are hosted. As a trait d'union we find the surprising interior images created starting from the 1940s and which soon became one of the main occupations of the photographer, also thanks to the interest of Diana Vreeland (director of "Vogue" since 1962), who commissions in Horst a series of reports on the houses and gardens of artists and celebrities. Among the many created by the author, a focus is dedicated to Italy, with the Roman apartment of the artist Cy Twombly, adorned with his own classical works and sculptures, and with the timeless charm of the Villar Perosa estate, inside the which poses a very elegant Marella Agnelli.

To complete the exhibition, which always moves between the author's best known works and a surprising unpublished series, the images taken from the renowned series Round the clock, New York, 1987, the latest synthesis of radicalism, talent and vision of a leading figures in 20th-century photography.

Works on display

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Via delle Rosine, 18
10123 Torino


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