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From September 17th to December 8th CAMERA - Italian Center for Photography hosts «Carousel», a journey within the eclectic career of Paolo Ventura (Milan, 1968), one of the most recognized and appreciated Italian artists in Italy and abroad . After working for years as a fashion photographer, in the early 2000s he moved to New York to devote himself to his artistic research. Since his earliest works, Ventura has combined a particular poetic vision of the world with his great manual ability, building scenographies within which short fairy-tale and surreal stories come to life, immortalized by the camera. With «War Souvenir» (2005), a reworking of the atmosphere of the First World War through small theater sets and puppets, he obtained the first important awards, such as the inclusion in the BBC documentary «The Genius of Photography» in 2007. After ten years in the United States, he returns to Italy where he realizes some of his most famous projects, within which he mixes photography, painting, sculpture and theater, as for example in the scenography of "Pagliacci" by Ruggero Leoncavallo, the result of the important collaboration with the Royal Theater of Turin, of which CAMERA exhibited some preparatory works in January 2017.


On this occasion, the museum rooms host some of the most evocative works of the last fifteen years - from various collections, as well as from the artist's studio - in an absolute mix of languages ​​that includes drawings, models, sets, papier-mâché masks and theatrical costumes. It is not, however, a linear path or a retrospective, but rather a staging of all the recurring themes of his poetics, among which the double and the fiction stand out.


The first rooms of the Turin exhibition space thus become an authentic full immersion in Ventura's poetics, a real entrance to the workshop where the stories elaborated by the artist are born and composed. A journey and a story, therefore, according to the themes and expressive modalities preferred by Ventura, representative of a deliberately narrative photograph: not surprisingly, the texts that will accompany this path will be drawn up and written directly by the artist, who becomes the narrative voice of the exhibition.


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Via delle Rosine, 18
10123 Torino


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date_range CAMERA - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia CAMERA - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia
date_range CAMERA - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia CAMERA - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia

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