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DUST OF DREAMS is a cross-disciplinary production by Eva Frapiccini that explores the dream life of people through the languages ​​of visual arts, music, performance and video art.

The starting point is an audio archive consisting of more than 2200 dream recordings collected by the artist in a participatory project that has touched 12 cities around the world over ten years (2011-2021). The dramaturgy of the work revolves around the archetypal words that inhabit the dreams of different cultures and religions.

The multimedia installation consists of four screens placed on two sides, which embrace the scene and interact with the movements of the performers Giacomo Arrigoni Gilaberte, Ilaria Quaglia and Valerie Tameu, choreographed by Daniele Ninarello. The videos projected on the screens operate asynchronously and synchronously and are managed by a dedicated algorithm, created by Matteo Marson; the music composed by Sara Berts allows the encounter between the movement of bodies and that of images.

The synergy between verbal language and those of music, performance and video envelops and accompanies the spectators in a multisensory suspension. Each discipline, developed in the relationship between specific research and the different identity, cultural and gender affiliations of the artists, participates in the narration of the dream imaginary based on the fears and recurring visions of our time.

Performer Ilaria Quaglia, Valerie Tameu
Concept and artistic direction by Eva Frapiccini
Production of AlbumArte Roma
Choreography Daniele Ninarello
Music Sara Berts (Sara Bertazzini)
Costumes Daniela Di Blasio
Staging design Michele Tavano
Made thanks to the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo in the context of the "ART ~ WAVES" call, in collaboration with Forevergreen in the context of Electropark 2022, Mosaico Danza di Torino, Palazzo Ducale Foundation for culture, Polo del '900 in Turin, Luzzati Foundation Teatro della Tosse, Dogana Hall of Palazzo Ducale, the Il Limone Lunare Association of Genoa, the CodedUomo Association and Porto Antico di Genova S.p.a

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Corso Valdocco, via del Carmine
10122 Torino


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