The exhibition of minerals from the Collection "Fulvio Grazioli"è set up in the halls of the historic Palazzo Martinengo, thanks to the availabilityà the Municipality of Sondrio, the Grazioli family and co Valtellinese Institute of Mineralogy (IVM). Prof. Grazioli (1913-1991) assembled trans memorize options one of the più rich and complete existing regional collections in Italy, consisting of around 12,000 samples found in Valmalenco and a few other areas of the province of Sondrio. His passion for minerals beginnings memorize options in 1925, thanks to the knowledge of Peter Sigismund, pioneer mineral exploration in the province of Sondrio. Grazioliì discovered; 12 new resortsà tempering, and 31 species of minerals, then new to Valmalenco, some of which are of great scientific interest. Exposure were combined followed by other important minerals in the province, from the dell'IVM Collections, the Foundation Bombardieri and Sondrio Provincial Administration.

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Via Perego, 1
23100 Sondrio


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