The Euryalus Castle is located in the hamlet of Belvedere and is the highest point of the city of Syracuse. The name derives from the greek "Euryelo" which means nail head. The origins of the castle are old and date back to Dionysius, the tyrant of Syracuse greek. The fortress which is found to this day was built by Dionysius. The castle has a system of three ditches that blocked access: an engineering project of defense and protection of the fortress. The castle was a great defensive reference during the medieval period and the Second World War. Today the castle houses a small antiquarian consists of all the artefacts found during excavations in the area in front. Among the exhibits we are: a helmet, the balls catapult and a sword. On display there are also objects used in the fortress, such as bullets, catapults and common pottery. Of great interest it is the educational support offered by the Castle for the understanding of the artifacts, history and function of the castle.

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Via Siracusa,
96010 Siracusa

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