The Napoleonic Museum in Rome is a museum dedicated to the collection of works of art, Napoleonic memorabilia, family memories, arising from the collection of Count Giuseppe Primoli, donated to the city of Rome in 1927. Giuseppe Primoli (1851-1927) was son of Carlotta Bonaparte, and thus a descendant of the Bonaparte family his collection included works of art and memorabilia. Along with the donation collection he involved the ground floor of the family home, still center of the museum. Read, talented photographer, Giuseppe Primoli lived between Rome and Paris, and was closely involved with the literary and artistic circles of the two cities. He featured an interesting intellectual figure and collector who, through important family gifts and knowledgable acquisitions on the antiques market, was able to offer the city of Rome this elegant example of a house-museum.

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Piazza di ponte Umberto I, 1
00100 Roma


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