The Roman Civilization Museum is located in Rome's EUR district, and is part of the Museums in common system of the city of Rome. It documents the various aspects of Roman civilization, including the uses and customs, through a rich collection of copies of statues, plaster casts of bas-scale reproductions of individual works and also monumental complex and large dioramas. The collection of the Museum of Civilization is the result of the combination of what has been collected at the Archaeological Exhibition of 1911, the Museum of Roman Empire and the Augustan Exhibition of Roman spirit. All products are manufactured with an accuracy as to make true works of art. Among the works on display will stand out two: the life-size complete set of casts of Trajan's Column and the large model of imperial Rome, made by Italo Gismondi. The museum is complementary to the observation of the ancient monuments of the capital, since thanks to highly accurate models in the exhibition, visitors can better understand the structure and its original appearance. In addition, the museum full well the visit to the city because it allows to know the most important works of the lands in which it has spread the Roman civilization and to know the many aspects of daily life. For these reasons, despite the almost total absence of original exhibits, the museum has a high educational and documentary value. The design of the building that now houses the museum was designed by architects Peter Aschieri, Cesare Pascoletti, Peressutti Gino and Domenico Bernardini.

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Piazza Giovanni Agnelli, 10
00144 Roma

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