The Ara Pacis Museum preserves the ancient Ara Pacis Augustae. The Altar of Peace of Augustus is a monument built by Augustus in 9 BC during the Roman Peace, the long period of peace imposed on the states of the Roman Empire thanks to the seizure of power by Augustus. Originally the Ara Pacis was situated in an area of ​​Campo Marzio devoted to the celebration of the victories, just outside the city of Rome where the consuls returning from a military expedition lost the powers relating to it and regained possession of their civil powers. This monument is one of the most important examples of Augustan and intends to symbolize peace and prosperity achieved as a result of the Pax Romana. On the square where is located the Museum of Ara Pacis is the imposing mausoleum of Augustus, the funerary monument which were preserved the remains of Emperor Augustus, his relatives and closest friends. The spaces of the museum designed by US architect Richard Meier study, while not visually interrupting the continuity with the outside world, promote the silence necessary for the full enjoyment of the monument. In the quiet you can appreciate the most of the mythical origins of Rome and Augustus companies that brought the empire the opportunity to experience times so happy to be known as the Age of Gold. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions.

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Lungotevere in Augusta
00186 Roma

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