The Villa Torlonia Museums are part of the System of Museums in the City of Rome, they have headquarters inside the Villa torlonia park and include the Casino Nobile and the hoot of owls. The Casino Nobile restored houses in the two display floors of the Villa Museum, with sculptures and antique furniture. On the second floor there is the Museum of the Roman School, with paintings, sculptures and drawings by the artists of that, considered among the most interesting and bustling of figurative art in the period between the First and Second World War, also known current as the Scuola Romana. The adjacent Casino dei Principi, where he consulted the Archive of the Roman School, full of documents, regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. The hoot owls stands out for its originality. Conceived in 1839 by Giuseppe Jappelli as "Swiss hut", it was transformed in the early twentieth century eclectic villa, residence of Prince Torlonia. His name is linked to the use of decorative elements inspired by the theme of the owl. The numerous stained glass windows present were carried out largely by Cesare Picchiarini between 1910 and 1925, based on drawings by Cambellotti, Umberto Bottazzi, Vittorio Grassi and Paul Paschetto.

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Via Nomentana, 70
00161 Roma


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