Fondazione VOLUME!

Fondazione VOLUME

Fondazione VOLUME! was established in 1997 in a former glass factory in Trastevere. Founded by Francesco Nucci with the support of artists, curators and creative space soon became a laboratory of ideas, proposing an unusual and unclassifiable project: give artists the opportunity to consider the space as a living body, with its peculiarities, its history, its versatility, able to rethink the space modifying it so that it becomes part of the work, each time creating something different that can stimulate new emotions in the viewer. Artists are free to modify the architecture of the space in order to create something new and unique. Space is never restored to its original state, but manages to preserve the memory of its past through the layers of the walls. The basic purpose of the Foundation is to support the idea of ​​public culture, to restore a dialogue with the art that include fertile relations with other intellectuals areas.


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Via San Francesco di Sales, 86/88
00165 Roma


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