The Colosseum

The Flavian Amphitheater, better known as the Colosseum, stands in the heart of the city of Rome and is part of the wide archaeological site of the Colosseum Archaeological Park which includes the area of ​​the Roman Forum and the Palatine , the Domus Aurea in colle Oppio, the arch of Constantine and the Meta Sudans. The building, called Colosseum because of a colossal statue that once stood nearby, was built in the first century A.D. at the behest of the emperors of the Flavian dynasty, and welcomed, until the end of antiquity, performances of great popular appeal, such as hunting and gladiator games. The building was, and still remains today, a show in itself. Because it is the largest amphitheater in the world, offering amazing scenic equipment and services for spectators. Symbol glories of empire, the amphitheater has changed over the centuries its face and its function, offering itself as a structured but open to the Roman community space. In 438 with the abolition of gladiatorial games at the behest of Valentinian III amphitheater undergoes a slow and gradual decline so as to be used in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance as a quarry for materials, also used for the construction of St. Peter's Basilica, and how animal shelter and venue for workshops and homes, as long is the process of its Christianization. From the romantic season where the charm of the ruins attracted writers and artists he will soon passed to the systematic excavations and restorations. Today the amphitheater is a monument to human ingenuity works that survive the time and it still looks a welcoming and dynamic structure that offers a broad overview of the interior spaces, but also stunning views of the city when you look out from the outer arches . Periodically it hosts temporary exhibitions related to the themes of ancient and its relationship with the contemporary and modern performances. This led to the events and experiences of the Amphitheater has a place that is renewed every day, significant to all and capable of telling each a History.

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Piazza del Colosseo
00186 Roma

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