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Hybrid or chimeric creatures have always been part of our collective cultural imagination. Even in the most ancient drawings and sculptures there are depictions of creatures that escape clear identification with a single species, whose bodies are an assemblage of humans and animals or of different types of animals. Just think of the Great Sphinx of Giza or the faun, which in Roman mythology was a creature that was half man and half goat. In the 21st century, hybrids are omnipresent. On the one hand, their potential forms have multiplied, reaching an unprecedented apex thanks to advances both in the field of technology and in that of natural sciences and genetic engineering. More than crosses between humans and animals, today's hybrids present themselves as a real compound of human (or at least organic) matter and inanimate matter.

We are all hybrid beings: our iPhone, for example, has long since become an extension of our body, as has the microchip under the skin, which has now become a reality. On the other hand, we are made hybrids by the invisible, synthetic, sometimes even hormonal and psychoactive substances that can be taken.


Depending on the point of view or the context, these transformations can be considered: either attempts at optimization triggered by capitalism, or self-induced and obstructive gestures. On the other hand, hybrids and the idea of ​​hybridism in general turn out to be at least stimulating food for thought. Speculations about a post-human world or about Donna Haraway's cyborgs can lead us to reflect on our present, as well as on a more extensive conception of hybridism, such as the intertwining of two systems that are normally separate. These contain the potential to develop alternative social concepts, non-hierarchical and capable of bringing together various species or survival strategies, in a future as utopian as it is dystopian.


WE HYBRIDS! it is therefore both a statement and a thesis. The group exhibition brings together six young artists (e) from Switzerland who approach the concept of hybridism through different media and narrative modes.

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Via Ludovisi, 48
00187 Roma


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