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Curated by: Ester Coen

The show

The National Roman Museum of Palazzo Altemps reopens to the public with a major monographic exhibition: Savinio. Enchantment and myth, curated by Ester Coen and with the organization of Electa. Open from 8 February to 13 June 2021, the exhibition of about 90 works selected from paintings and graphic works, from public institutions and private collections, reveals the artist's multiple interests ranging from music to literature, from painting to theater.

Eclectic and erudite, Alberto Savinio (Andrea De Chirico, 1891-1952) represents the figure of an intellectual of extraordinary complexity, able to communicate and weave the humanities into a visionary and avant-garde language.

An aspect fully highlighted by the inclusion of his works in the permanent collection of ancient art of the Museum. The paintings on the walls thus create surprising short circuits, suggesting new affinities in a game of correspondences

and free and original accords, not only with classical statuary but also with the fresco decoration of the spaces of Palazzo Altemps. Aristocratic residence full of suggestions, where members of noble families have followed one another who have left traces of their taste for the arts, until it becomes the seat of the National Roman Museum dedicated to the history of antiquarian collecting.

The works on display - with a focus between 1925 and 1931, in particular on the years spent in Paris by the artist, and with a quick focus on the latest productions - highlight, through some fundamental themes and moments, the particularity of a poetic that associates and combines ancient and modern, aesthetics and irony, memory and fantasy in a global perspective that is now very topical. The game, the illusory and chimeric structures and plots, the past civilizations and the auroral eras, the deconstruction of legendary and mythical tales, the kaleidoscopic images that break the visual balance in unexpected and dazzling compositions, become the clues to be chased in the spaces of the noble floor of the Museum.

Works on display

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Piazza di Sant’Apollinare, 46
00186 Roma


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