ongoing Mario Giacomelli and Alberto Burri.

The show

A reflection on the human condition through the representation of nature. Giacomelli's photographs enter into dialogue with Burri's graphic and multi-material works.

In Mario Giacomelli's photographs of the series Metamorphosis of the Earth, Awareness of nature, Stories of the Earth, created between the end of the 1950s and the 1980s, the plowed fields, the morphology of the Marche region, the contrast between land and sky, are transformed into a language of abstract geometries, which speaks of the work of man and his relationship with nature, of the effect of the inexorable passing of time on things, and of photography as a research tool to give meaning and a form to the complexity of reality.

In Burri's graphics and multi-material works that meet Giacomelli's photographs in the exhibition itinerary, the strength of the composition organizes the energy of the material. The possibilities offered by graphic experimentation, albeit explored in different ways on a technical and conceptual level, lead the two authors to propose an idea of ​​landscape where external and internal reality are deeply intertwined.

The archival documents on display tell the relationship between the two artists, born thanks to the common friendship with Nemo Sarteanesi, and consolidated by some important stages such as the Giacomelli exhibition in Città di Castello in 1984, of which a small selection is presented here. , and from continuous exchanges, such as the dedications visible on the back of some photographs in the exhibition. As often happens in the history of art, it is a relationship of mutual esteem and brief sharing, which build the plot for a reflection on art and existence with many points of tangency, but experimented with different tools, materials and techniques. .

Works on display

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Via Guido Reni, 4a
00196 Roma


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