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The National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art opens "polvere polvere polvere", a site specific project by Chilean artist Carolina Saquel coordinated by Alessio Boi. 6 medium and large video installations - including triptychs, diptychs and films, placed on the wall or on the floor - recount the plastic research undertaken by the artist in 2014 at the Ardia of San Costantino, the centuries-old event held every year at Sedilo, in the center of Sardinia, on the evening of 6 July and the next day at dawn. A frantic race of riders that between two wings of crowd give proof of skill, recklessness and balentia along a circuit that reaches the Sanctuary and the church of San Costantino. The observation of the mountain of dust raised by the horse race gave the title to the shows and posed questions on how to film such a ritual today and on what are the figurative and abstract limits of recording. The use of light sports cameras placed on the bodies of horses and riders capture the interaction of bodies in speed from unusual angles: from the legs of the riders, from the backs of the horses, from the muscles in effort, through the raised dust. The result is a journey into the equestrian world in which the tools and moments filmed (the object, the character or the action) are not separated. They work together and give life to each other.
The sequences shown at the National Gallery are a selection of the filmed material over three years. These are unedited fragments of recordings obtained during the Ardia and its preparations; filmed tests that experiment with speed, composition and meaning. These images years later led to the making of the films Tutto di Contrappunto (2018) and Paso Galope (2018), both shown in the exhibition. Carolina Saquel (Concepcion, Chile, 1970) lives and works in Paris. Graduated in Social and Legal Sciences at the Universidad Diego Portales of Santiago de Chile, in 1994 she started working as a lawyer. In 1995 he entered the Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Católica de Santiago. His days are thus divided up by making art in the morning and right in the afternoon, until he decides to stop working as a lawyer to devote himself to the Escuela de Artes. His works have been presented at film and video festivals in solo and group exhibitions (París: Kadist Art Foundation, Grand Palais, Espace culturel Louis Vuitton - Barcelona Fundació Joan Miro - Harbourfront Center, Toronto, Canada - MAMCS Strasbourg - Bloomberg Space, Londres - Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart). From December 2018 to January 2019 he exhibited in the Gabriela Mistral Gallery in Santiago (Chile) the Repetir hacia adelante exhibition, which shows part of his project carried out in Sardinia.

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