closed Merciful veil. A season of rhetoric

Curated by: Edoardo Albinati

The event

A reflection by the author Premio Strega on the importance of words and their maintenance in our contemporary era.

The story of our contemporaneity also passes through the analysis of written and non-written language: when we listen to or read things that are taken for granted, ridiculous or simply absurd, each of us is tempted to write them down and at the same time to archive them quickly, laying a "veil over them pitiful ". In the spring of 2021, Edoardo Albinati did both: instead of plugging them, he kept his ears open, recording the shots, background noises, deceptive or delusional speeches, clichés, mirages, passwords. that characterize this era submerged by rhetoric.

Mixed with the pungent irony of a pamphlet, scraps of TV, newspapers, books, advertising and political news alternate with short exemplary stories and reflections on speaking and writing, splinters of beauty and truth that allow us to move from abulia and to move on. The result of this "listening season" is a bitter and fun diary, to be consumed in one breath or to be consulted from time to time, to keep the attention alight.

Free admission upon reservation

Timetable and tickets


Via Guido Reni, 4a
00196 Roma


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