Museo nazionale e Area archeologica di Altino

National Museum And Archeological Area Of Altino

The new museum, newly opened all’ interior of a typical rural complex renovated,è located in the vast archaeological area in which were developed before the’ pre-Roman village and then the cityà Roman Altinum the edge of the northern lagoon of Venice.

The current exhibition runs all’ inside of two floors of a former rice mill nineteenth century following a chrono-thematic itinerary: dedicated sections the local prehistoric and pre-Roman Altino on the ground floor and the cityà Roman in its various expressions of everyday life, social and economic on the first floor. They are exhibited for the first time pre-Roman testimonies documenting the birth and development of the cityà alongside reconstructions of important Celtic and Romanization burials. An unmatched horses section buried with their harnesses to remember the value that these animals had at the ancient Venetians.

section contains the testimonies of the Venetic language, often present on votive offerings, such as the pottery used in rites to document the cults practiced by the ancient Venetians alongside other evidence of devotion. Tools of domestic life, the rich ceramic and glazed pottery, precious ornaments, next to the testimonies of a number of popular Altino productions, such as fine wool, in addition to important monuments illustrate the prosperity of the cityà Roman. The route completerà on the third floor of’ building with a section dedicated to the Roman funerary customs and costumes and all’ età late antique-early medieval.  

The outside in the garden of the Museum will be five funerary enclosures rebuilt and two monumental mausoleums to recall the rich funerary monuments that were found along the consular roads, such as the’ Annia and Claudia Augusta. Of exceptional interest sarà l’ exhibition dedicated to the emporium sanctuary discovered during work on the construction of the museum, with dedications to the eponymous god Altino, to highlight the’ important role played by the commercial port cityà Roman and pre-Roman times.


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Via S. Eliodoro, 56
30020 Quarto d'Altino


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