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Man and his world, places populated by men and stories of men and places. Combinations of different realities, of opposing places: natural and artificial, full of meanings, shapes, architectures, spaces, situations, hopes, desires, expectations, men, places, stories that intertwine between of them giving life to similar but different realities.

Stories of beautiful cities, of complicated and elusive places in their artificiality, in which man finds it difficult to recognize himself but by which he is inevitably attracted and captured, places populated by architectural mutations resulting from repetitive processes, periodic phenomena, "frequencies".

Places that are the subject of "mixes" that tell stories of cities "without filters and without corrections", of architecture, of men who interact with the environment in which they live, generating urban stratifications and superimpositions with which they end up identifying themselves.

Stories of peoples, of different cultures, of lifestyles, of travels, of distant places, of men "children of the road" who come from other worlds; stories of crossed borders and integrated diversities that become unity; stories of street parties, of multitudes and loneliness, of expectations, escapes and returns.

Stories of land, water, sea, rain, brick and concrete, imposing architecture, surreal dimensions and visionary atmospheres; stories of concordant contrasts and harmonious antitheses: nature / artifice, inside / outside, old / new, day / night, black / white. Stories of men and places and men whose stories give life to places.

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Via Maqueda, 81
90134 Palermo


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