The submerged Gaiola Park is located a short distance from Naples in the gulf. The park is famous around the world for its diversity and variety of marine organisms. The area is also important for the presence of submerged archaeological remains. The site was built by the Roman Knight Vedius Pollio in the first century. BC and over time it underwent changes and extensions. On the seabed are visible remnants different as nymphs, walkways, pools for fish breeding and fish ponds. The tanks for breeding were very popular among the Romans, in fact, are known in the writings of Seneca and Pliny. According to Pliny, these were used to throw slaves distracted fed to the morays of fishponds. The only building that emerges from the park is the famous "House of the Spirits." From the geological point of view the area is protected and considered part of the system of flegrei volcanoes, for this reason it is subject to seismic movements. The Trentaremi caves are evidence of mining started in greek - Roman era.

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Discesa Gaiola Cala S. Basilio
80123 Napoli

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