Museo della Moda di Napoli

The Fashion Museum Of Naples


The museum of fashion and textiles “Elena Aldobrandini” – Mondragone Foundation is a public, regional museum located in the Spanish quarter of Naples.

The museum of Fashion and Textiles Elena Aldobrandini is dedicated to the noblewoman Elena Aldobrandini, founder of the Mondragone Foundation in Naples. It is an institution for women’s fashion in the Campania region. The museum’s collection guides the visitors through the history of fashion from the 16th century to our days. Its exhibitions analyse the transformation in women’s aesthetical practices, gradual or radical might it be.

This museum is a unique asset of the city of Naples, not only for its concept but also for the richness of its collection. Its pieces showcase local excellences and outstanding craftsmanship, with no equals in terms of sophistication and execution. Just to name a few amongst the haute couture and prêt-à-porter pieces: Jabot, “tombolo” bobbin lace, and accessories of all kinds ranging from umbrellas to feathers. With such jubilation of textiles and a heritage of know-how, one could go as far as to say that the museum guides us through the fundamentals of classiness and taste in their historical development. On one hand, the expositions enhance the emancipation of women, from exclusive emblem of beauty to protagonist of their own life thanks to their own style choices. On the other hand, donations from important and ancient Neapolitan families of garments belonging to their relatives, allows the institution to be a reliable and genuine source of fashion culture, with a particular eye for local craftsmanship.


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Piazzetta Mondragone, 18
80132 Napoli


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