Fontanelle Cemetery

The Fontanelle Cemetery Naples is located in the health district in via Fontanelle, near the MANN - National Archaeological Museum in Naples. The term "Fontanelle" refers to water sources that were present in the cavity. The cemetery was excavated in yellow tuff rock forming the tunnels connected by corridors. The cemetery is considered a single site in the rich world of anecdotes, stories and trivia. The cemetery is a former - ossuary containing the remains of countless people. According to historians, the cemetery was built as a pagan and Christian necropolis. Currently collects nearly 40,000 remains of victims of the Great Plague of 1656 and cholera in 1836. It is thought that the cemetery is divided into several areas: the nave of the priests, the nave of the plague victims and the nave of pezzentielli (poor people). The cemetery is known for the ritual of "pezzentelle souls" or the adoption of a skull left by a Neapolitan citizen in exchange for protection. It is thought that Giacomo Leopardi rest here, as he died during the cholera epidemic of 1836 although it is buried in the atrium of the church of San Vitale.

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Via Fontanelle, 80
80136 Napoli

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