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For this first session of the project, the artist has chosen to work exclusively on the slides preserved in the photographic archive of the MANN. Between the memory of an analogue past and the digital present, Alessandra Cardone has undertaken a critical and creative dialogue with archival photographic material, also opening up new and different forms of use and enhancement. The artist, in particular, reflected on the discovery of the signs that temporal sedimentations (dust, scratches, fingerprints) cause on every single slide. Fascinated by the observation of the surprising testimonies that slowly but inexorably time leaves of its passage, stratifying itself on the slides in an unexpected and extraordinary way, Alessandra Cardone has created images on images characterized by atmospheres that envelop the figures in unreal and almost fantastic dimensions. In the series entitled “Remains. Like an archeology of photography ", consisting of n. 15 works created through the technique of superimposing digital scans, the artist first dialogued with the photographic object and then with her impressed image, arriving at a visual and photographic synthesis consisting of both objects of investigation. The wonderful multitude of slides examined was also a source of further inspiration for the artist. With "Collezione d'Archivio", a large format digital photo-collage, Alessandra Cardone has indulged the suggestion of an "apparently impossible" vision of the whole which, eliminating the traditional search and consultation times of a photographic archive, returns, in in a single moment and in real size, the astonishing totality of the MANN slide collections relating to mosaics, frescoes, precious gems, coins and marble statuary. After experimenting with the analogue archive repertoire, the photographer decided to review "live" some of the masterpieces of classical and archaeological statuary already investigated through the slides, dedicating a specific photographic series to them, consisting of n 6 photo-collages made with the tools of digital photography in a light room, entitled “Hic et nunc”. The exhibition, curated by Michele di Iodice, was created with the contribution of the Campania Region and obtained the recognition of the Matronato by the Donnaregina Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

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Piazza Museo n.18/19
80135 Napoli


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