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closed Luca Giordano

Curated by: Stefano Causa e Patrizia Piscitello

The show

Designed by Sylvain Bellenger, director of the Capodimonte Museum, with the curators Stefano Causa and Patrizia Piscitello, the Luca Giordano exhibition. From Nature to Painting is presented as a spectacular story through images.

Giordano is the greatest Neapolitan painter of the '6oo, as well as the most prolific.

In Naples, he was the first to dismiss the heroic fury of Caravaggesque painting with an unscrupulous and colorful writing.

Intolerant of the limits of the frame, he widens the choice of subjects who, among Caravaggio's friends, limited himself to a narrow range.

Giordano reinvents the Roman Baroque in an aggressive and unleashed version: Rubens, Cortona and Bernini are always behind. But it is clear that to jump better he took a long run after choosing, among the masters, Tiziano and Veronese.


And it was a quick fuse: young and already rich, his fame had crossed the borders of the Viceroyalty, routing the competition in some of the country's most competitive markets.

Those who are happy do not enjoy, especially if they are restless: but it would have been difficult to imagine that the fifty year old - an age that was full old at the time - moved to Spain, becoming a court painter and decorating walls on walls between Madrid and the Escorial.

The patron saint of Goya's youth, the greatest Spanish painter between Velazquez and Picasso, is called Giordano. But it is undeniable that the baroque face of Florence, the least Baroque city in the world, is an invention of his.


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Via Miano, 2
80131 Napoli


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