Palazzo Moriggia | Museo del Risorgimento

Palazzo Moriggia Museo Del Risorgimento

The museum is housed in the eighteenth Palace Moriggia, designed in 1755 by Giuseppe Piermarini near the vast complex of Brera.&Nbsp; Risorgimento Museum is based in Palazzo Moriggia in via Borgonuovo, the "district de’ noble", so calledì beautiful architecture of its buildings which give it a’ aristocratic air.   permanent exhibition trail  tells the Italian events,  from the rising of the first voltage-independence until all’ unification of the country and the proclamation of Rome Capital  and also documents the’ evolution   romantic painting Lombard, since the forties of the nineteenth century until the completion of the’ Unità d’ Italy, in a set iconographically diversified.  Along the exhibition there are also numerous  sculptures, mostlyù busts of personalitiesà historical, literary and political. 


Permanent Collection

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Via Borgonuovo, 23
20121 Milano


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