The Museo dei Cappuccini Milan was born in 1535 and has been able to be appreciated by the citizens of Milan for its daily service to the people. The museum presents the thoughts and activities of the Capuchins in which the cultural sphere is in the tradition and history of Milan. Permanent Collection alternates in this temporary exhibitions to preserve, study and disseminate the history, art culture with the spirit of the Capuchin friars. The museum through the many donations enriches its collection and organizes exhibitions to ensure that everyone can enjoy. The collection is divided into several sections: the origins, the Capuchin friars, the Manzoni space, the sacred iconography and donations. Each section covers the issues through the teaching and educational services available to all. In addition, they are also organized educational workshops for children who are accompanied by the monks during the visit.

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Via Antonio Kramer, 5
20129 Milano

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