Gabinetto Numismatico

Gabinetto Numismatico E Medagliere

Inside the Castello Sforzesco, the Numismatic and Medals preserves an important collection of  coins  and  medals  consists from about 280,000 specimens. The collection brings together two distinct collections, the one belonging to the Municipality of Milan and that of propertyà state. It offers a significant historical part of the production of coins starting from archaic emissions of ticks of’ Asia Minor (VI cent. BC) to the Italian and European coinage età modern and contemporary. Among the precious coins you recall the archaic coins electro dell’ Asia Minor, Magna Grecia, late Roman Empire (III-V century), the number of the mint of Milan, the medieval ticks and modern Germanic and Italian issues, with particular reference to the production of the northern environment ticks (Genoa, Venice, Mantua and Parma. the Numismatic and Medals is divided into nine sections: Greek coins, Roman coins republican, Roman imperial Coins, provincial Roman coins, Byzantine coins, coins of the mint of Milan , Coins foreign modern (with ample Arab sector) , Italian modern coins , Medals (XV-XX centuries).


Permanent Collection

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Piazza Castello
20121 Milano


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