Fondazione Stelline


Fondazione Stelline è a historic Milanese institution established in 1986 by the Lombardy Region and the City of Milan. Its headquarters, one of the palaces strongly rooted in Milan's urban fabric for its historical and architectural values,è located in’ area referred to as“ Orti di Leonardo” in front of the Santa Maria delle Grazie whereè kept Upper Room. For more than thirty’ years, the Foundation is a cultural center of national and international levels. Proposals and research projects and exploration of artistic expression increasinglyù oriented to international collaboration, the result of intense design work, express the Foundation's cultural vocation, responding to an open and fluid of contemporaneityà ;. Important shows high impact and quality have been devoted in recent years to great authors of‘ 900 and international contemporary artists, with a special focus on photography and new Italian and foreign talents.

Leonardo in Milan has left an indelible mark, reread the’ only experience the great genius and of the Last Supper with eyes todayè the model promoted by the international project Leonardo Hub, that speaks the language of the creatives; and cultural contamination. The Foundationè also home to a conference center, a place of communication, fashion, technology, science and information. Art and culture, in a winning mix for the’ activityà Congress today represent a strategic feature of the Stelline Foundation.


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Corso Magenta, 61
20123 Milano


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