Fondazione Franco Albini

Fondazione Franco Albini

« It’ more by our works that we spread of ideas than by ourselves» claimed Franco Albini. And are precisely his works that speak to us of him, the philosophy underlying his work; a strong social tension, expressed no redundancies, pursuing the obsessive attention to detail and constant improvement of a’ idea which combines rationality with fantasy, creating a poetic world and functional at the same time. Albini spoke little and seldom wrote, but managed to provide full“&rdquo values; through a language of concrete actions, capable of marking the history of’ Italian and international architecture. Following the recognition of the value of his work bound by the Italian government as a National Historic Heritage, it was established in 2007 Foundation Franco Albin with the’ aim of promoting a“ the&rdquo lesson; that can serve to the contemporary world. In its headquarters in Via Telesio 13 in Milan, is kept l’ entire archive covering all the’ career of Franco Albini its inception in the thirties up to the cooperation with Franca Helg, Antonio Piva and < strong> Marco Albini, to Studio Albini Associati Marco and Francesco Albini, still active today.

The Foundation is an open cultural center the audience that realizes educational activities of’ archives such as: publications, exhibitions, conferences, events and seminars, video-documentaries, guided tours (also private) on the design and on’ architecture, intercultural projects, workshops and laboratories for different bands d’ age and Authenticity Certificates of spare Design attributed to’ Milanese architect.


Franco Albini

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Via Telesio, 13
20145 Milano


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