The House of Arts Alda Merino is located in the center of Milan and is an art space dedicated to the poetess Alda Merino. In fact, the first floor of the building houses the reconstruction of the bedroom of the poet. The furniture is authentic as well as personal effects from the house of Ripa Ticinese 47 were taken after his disappearance. The daughters and a group of friends were eager to keep alive his memory and in 2011 was identified suitable space to accommodate "the museum Alda Merino". Former tobacco shop in Via Magolfa was inaugurated March 21, 2011, the anniversary of the artist's birth. Among the furnishings and objects on display you can see two panels of the famous "wall of angels", originally positioned by the wall behind the bed with pen notes and lipstick, drawings and caricatures affixed by his friends. The House of the Artist intends to carry out the work of the family and friends, adding new items and documents not yet exposed in space so visitors can find more and more evidence of the life and work of Alda Merino.

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Via Magolfa, 30
20143 Milano

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