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Welcome to via Legnano 14! The cultural association dedicated to Rachele Bianchi is located here. The association was born one year after her death and intends to give visibility and continuity to her work, but also to support the cultural contribution of women in the city of Milan and more generally in society. Rachele Bianchi (Milan 1925-2018) is today among the meritorious and illustrious citizens of Milan. After the war, she chooses art as a space for emancipation. She is self-taught and independent and she experiments with materials, techniques, colors and shapes throughout her life. She leaves us over 1600 works united by the protagonism of the female figure, read through the challenges that women must face in her daily life. Rachele's women travel and today they are permanently exhibited in Athens, Cosenza, Loreto, Malta, Rome, Sondrio up to Milan, her city, where a monumental bronze figure (the first female work of a woman in a public space in the city) ideally supervises the Central Station. The Archivio Rachele Bianchi association, based in the prestigious Palazzo Lombardo, intends to study, catalog and promote her work and that of women active in society through art. This is why we have chosen as a symbol an open network, already signed by Rachel, and emblem of female participation.


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Via Legnano 14
20121 Milano


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