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DART | Dynamic Art Museum presents, as part of the exhibition "DART 2121 2ND EDITION. NFT ART OF THE FUTURE ”, the new interactive installation by Andrea Bonaceto, one of the most famous NFT artists in the world. The work, entitled AB Infinite 1, represents an interactive snapshot of the artist's life in the eternal cycle that goes "ab infinito" (from the Latin "from infinity") to the origin, symbolized by the number "1".

Members of the public can become part of the artistic process, becoming artists themselves, interacting with the work and altering it through an artificial intelligence mechanism created by the artist. Andrea's purpose-built artificial intelligence collects online viewer interactions across social media channels and transforms these reactions or suggestions into visual responses that then appear as part of AB Infinite 1.

AB Infinite 1 represents a step forward in the field of programmable NFT art. This innovative approach is made possible thanks to the efficiency of the Algorand blockchain, on which the project is based.

AB Infinite 1 will be exhibited in some of the major museums in the world, giving anyone the opportunity to interact with the work. To make the process even more accessible, people can view AB Infinite 1 on the website Once on the site, just share your Instagram and / or Twitter username and all the content shared on social networks that use the hashtag # abinfinite1 will become part of the work in an abstract key.

Timetable and tickets


Via Turati, 34
20121 Milano


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