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At the start "Chaosmos disseminations / harmonies / epiphanies", the next exhibition organized by the Museo della Permanente, which invites Renato Galbusera, Giovanni Mattio, Armanda Verdirame to dialogue.

Tuesday 12 November, at 6 pm, the three artists, members of the institution and members of the Artistic Commission in office between 2018 and 2019, present to the public works of recent production: a selection of twenty works, including paintings, sculptures and installations that they talk freely with each other.

Chaos and cosmos interpenetrate - as in James Joyce 's novel Finnegans Wake , where the term was first coined - and give life to a kaleidoscope of images in which beginning and end alternate seamlessly. From the mystery enclosed in the seeds of the earth to the primordial seeds, from the abyss of the sky to the story of heroic existences, here and now, suspended between dream and reality, the artists carry out their investigation with tireless vigor and rigor, recovering fragments of possible truths, tracing an ideal conjunction between finite and infinite, between the arcane of time and the present that pulsates under the skin of becoming.

Renato Galbusera presents large works on paper, made of solid objects and figures, which give an apocalyptic and monumental breath, such as the Mexican muralists and Mario Sironi, to whom the artist certainly looked. Giovanni Mattio 's artistic research takes its cue from reality to venture into the territories of abstraction, with an attention to detail and attention to chromatic quality, which projects us into a parallel cosmos. Armanda Verdirame works with clay and creates sculptures, as if they were finds from mysterious and distant worlds, then inserting seeds or small furrows, which allude to fragments of earthly reality.

Renato Galbusera
He was born in Milan in 1950, and graduated from the Art School and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts where he held the Chair of Painting. Since the end of the 70s he has participated in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad. From the beginning of the 2000s his interest in Public Art and in particular in muralism has been accentuated in the works of artists such as Siqueiros, Rivera, Orozco and Sironi. This particular interest is expressed in the realization of mural works (Atri, Calcio) and large-format works on different supports (MT 25 - 2014 - mt.2x25 tm. On scaffolding canvas).

Giovanni Mattio
Born in Cuneo in 1949. After graduating in classical literature, he combines humanistic studies with intense research in the field of figurative arts. Since 1986 he has been present in personal exhibitions, fairs, reviews, in Italy, France, Germany. Since 1989 he has lived and worked in Milan. With the new millennium, research extends to the volumes and shapes of painted surfaces: extroflections, introflections, monitors, lozenges, petals, puzzles, sculptures by addition, installations are born. Other materials combined with color emerge, in a search for more plastic, but always characterized by an intense chromatic stamp.

Armanda Verdirame
She was born in Novara, but has always lived in Milan where she completed her studies. In the Eighties, when she became aware of the environmental emergency that still grieves us today, she denounced the problem through the use of only the natural materials she was exploring. Thus she arrived at the manipulation of clay, inserting seeds of grasses and cereals into the earth, small furrows and reliefs that trace the memory of threatened nature and denounce the drama of the ecological alarm.

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Via Turati, 34
20121 Milan


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