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Adam Phillips said well: prolonged applause risks becoming disquieting. No less worrisome is the "prize fury" to which no one can escape; that healthy agonism, that desire to excel through self-denial and fatigue, seems to have been mortified by the great plethora of praises and approvals that have transformed the (too many and futile) victories into an excess of vainglory.

In contrast to the eminent hedonism of our society, which celebrates the cult of beauty and inexorably condemns us to mental atrophy, The golden path is an ideal fitness path littered with sculptures that subject the user to an effort of attention and concentration. Initially developed in the form of an instruction manual, with technical drawings illustrating the assembly phases of joints and modular elements, The golden path can be conceived as an Open Source project.

But our bodies will not benefit from these exercises, but our brain faculties; the gymnastic structures designed by Bergantini in collaboration with the KUR-MAC architecture firm are in fact too thin and precious to satisfy a practical use, a discrepancy that can be found even in the rooms reserved for them, that is, the museum rooms. physical activity.

The 24k gold glitter, which dominates the metal structures, is contrasted by the grisaille of the photographic sequence that immortalizes a series of trophies, deconstructed and recomposed by the artist in total freedom, following a minimalist aesthetic that winks both to the eros and to the at the thanatos. Reduced to two-dimensionality, the awards are inconsistent and emptied of their prestige. More: they have been converted from symbols into stereotypes, intentionally deployed on a single horizon line that highlights its aseptic and anonymous form.

Playing on the dichotomy between real and virtual space, Bergantini makes us participate in a cultural training (which is also an "inverse simulacrum" of the community that surrounds us) to rediscover the virtues of the mind, and not just those of the body.

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date_range MAC - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Lissone MAC - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Lissone

VIII Premio Lissone Design

Until 24 July 2022

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