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The show

The theme is the Holy Family and each crib has its own meaning. The perspective is not unique, as there are many figures, in groups or isolated, and the dimensions are variable. Each Crib is a story, a phrase represented by and in the material, made tangible by the porcelain and the combination of the different versions tells and enhances the greatest of the Stories. The unfolding of the story presupposes encounters and pauses, dialogues between characters, looks and gestures.

"The overall effect is meteoric: a grouping of solids wandering at equidistance in sidereal space, without beginning or end."

Even the white porcelain lacks perfection, absolute purity and not even the representation is idyllic, on the contrary, in it there are disturbing propositions capable of asking questions that we recognize as such in the reality of the family of all times. Each crib describes a different time marked by its own psychophysical dimension capable of recognizing and blending into the whole complex. There are disturbing leaps, ethereal angels, poor devils, sweet seventeenth-century costumes, courtly expressions and the child who falls due to a seismic effect and thus collapses his secure stability.

The Crib of Cribs raises questions, shows contradictions and wavering faith, the moment of doubt, one's own and that of others. It shows the splendors of Jerusalem, Jacob's ladder, the fairy-tale alea and the garden of olive trees.

The only common denominator is love: a mirror in which to see oneself.


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Via Santa Caterina, 13
21038 Leggiuno


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