Banca Carige Arte e Cultura

Banca Carige Arte E Cultura

The Banca Carige's palace then Cassa di Risparmio di Genova and Imperia,è It was built in Genoa in 1966. The furnishings and interior, despite their modernityà, reproduce the style of the ancient palaces of the Genoese bankers of the sixteenth century, as to celebrate the new era represented the development of’ then“ economic miracle” that the renewed bank lent itself to accompany. In the premises of the building of the Genoa headquartersè così can see, along with a picturesque view of the historic center of the cityà ;, collections d’ art that Carige Bank has set up over the years, with purchases from private collections, privileging’ Ligurian and Genoese art. Paintings, ceramics, engravings and coins draw a path within the history of the cityà Genoa, the dawn of his fortune as a free medieval up to the exceptional splendor of“ century Genoese in full età Baroque. It’ can deepen their knowledge of the Carige Group's artistic heritage Instagram account @carige_arte_cultura A journey through masterpieces, stories, documents and artifacts that tell Genoa and Liguria in the centuries giving life and new entry to a wealth of culture, the result of’ industriousà and savings of generations, the Banca Carige Group has preserved and enhanced over time for collettività ;. Keepers of values ​​over time, where art speaks Genovese.


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Via Cassa di Risparmio, 15
16123 Genova


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