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The Israel landscape exhibition curated by Ermanno Tedeschi and Vera Pilpoul and presented for the first time last year at the Fiera Arte in Nuvola in Rome, where Israel was the host country, opens today in Villa Croce and will be open until 30 June. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the country through its landscape represented in the works of some artists, selected in collaboration with Maya Katzir, head of the culture office of the Embassy of Israel in Italy.

In the broadest sense of the term, the landscape is geographical, social, human. It is the space in which man lives and with which he relates. By definition it is the set of geographical elements typical of a part of the earth's surface. The coast, the desert and the mountains are elements that characterize the landscape of a country that is as small as it is different in its interior. Diversity is perhaps the word that best illustrates the characteristics not only of Israel, but also of its inhabitants. Always an important commercial and cultural crossroads, in Israel the three great monotheistic religions meet, clash and overlap within a few kilometers.

A meeting point between the Middle East and the West, where past and present meet, forging the style and customs of a heterogeneous people composed mainly of immigrants, in Israel the creative expression comes to life from the mixture of different cultures, habits and history, and this is precisely the strong point of local art, which presents on the one hand a research linked to tradition and on the other a multifaceted experimentalism.

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Via Iacopo Ruffini, 3
16128 Genova


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