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The exhibition is configured as an exceptional event , not only because for the first time in Italy a significant number of extraordinary Persian carpets of the sixteenth century will be presented to the public at the same time, but also because, in the first part of the exhibition, one of the most important groups of Safavid carpets , consisting of artifacts produced in the city of Kerman and called "Sanguszko" from the name of the Polish noble family who owned one of the best known examples.

It is a series of splendid works of art created in the Safavid period, in the mid-16th century , by artists of exceptional level.

Made with the technique of knotting, using yarns of wool, cotton and silk of the highest quality, these wonderful rugs are characterized by an incredible variety of figurations that allude to the beauties of the earth and the afterlife. Real 'portable gardens' , parks of delight populated by animals, angels and musicians, were held in the highest regard and considered worthy of the most sumptuous dwellings.

Of the fourteen Sanguszko still existing, eight will be visible in the rooms on the first floor of Palazzo Rosso , while the other six, to give a complete picture of this typology, will be presented in the form of reproductions. On the second floor of the building, however, the public will be able to admire fifteen other wonderful carpets , including nine in the original and six in the form of reproduction, both from Kerman and from other Persian production centers, such as Tabriz or Mashhad.

Datable to the 16th and 17th centuries, these artifacts, some of which in the past were associated with the Sanguszko group, will contribute to broaden the panorama of the art of carpet in the Safavid era, offering visitors the opportunity to discover other types and different types of decorations. .

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Via Garibaldi, 18
16124 Genoa


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