Casa Martelli

Fascinating casket that still contains important works, scarcely known, Palazzo Martelli reveals to the public the "country" rooms on the ground floor, the elegant staircase, the magnificent picture gallery with the rooms on the main floor, the yellow and red halls, the chapel, the ballroom. Thanks to the purchase by the State of the coat of arms that Donatello made for Roberto Martelli, chosen by a commission of experts for the resolution of the Bardini legacy, in 1998 the property and its restricted collection were donated. It belonged for centuries to the noble and ancient family, at first the building passed into the property of the Florentine Curia, to which Francesca Martelli had left it on her death in 1986, and subsequently became the property of the Italian State. The new Museum thus becomes a "jewel" in the already extensive Florentine museum offer: a house-museum, not the result of a posthumous reconstruction, but derived from the secular stratification of the life of one of the oldest Florentine families.

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Via Ferdinando Zannetti, 8
50123 Firenze

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